Free use EV Charge points for visitors to Bluebell Vineyard Estates

RolecEV Type 2 Electric Vehicle Charge Unit up to 22kW

Provision for up to 2 vehicles. Supplemented by our own Solar Panel installation


Remove the protective rubber cover from the charge cable end and firmly plug in the Type 2 socket to your vehicle.
The RolecEV unit will automatically start charging after a few seconds. 

The BLUE FLASHING ring on the wall charger will turn to a constant GREEN ring when charging is in progress. 

If the ring on the wall charger turns RED there is a fault and charging will NOT start - check that the plug is firmly seated in your car socket. 

To disconnect, you must ensure that the car is unlocked otherwise you cannot remove the plug from your car. Never try and force removal.

When finished please replace the rubber cover over the end of the charge socket and hang the cable over the wall unit.

Disclaimer: Bluebell Vineyard Estates Ltd cannot be held liable under any circumstances for issues arising from the use of the EV Charge Unit and reserves the right to withdraw the use of the EV Charge Unit at any time without notice.

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