Bluebell Vineyard Estates

  • England's Only Commercial Chasselas

    England's Only Commercial Chasselas

    We are happy to announce another competition win for Bluebell Vineyard in 2023! Our very own Ashdown Chasselas 2020 has won bronze in Mondial Du...

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  • The Vineyard Harvest Experience

    The Vineyard Harvest Experience

    What is harvest?Harvest is the final stage of our vines' yearly cycle. After a long year of maintaining the vines for the best possible quality...

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  • Our Trophy Winning Hindleap Rosé - Bluebell Vineyard Estates

    Our Trophy Winning Hindleap Rosé

    So far, it’s been a year of success for Bluebell, we couldn’t be prouder to announce that our Hindleap Rosé 2016 has been awarded Best...

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  • Celebrating Success: Our Journey of Winning Wine Awards in Decanter, WineGB and IWC - Bluebell Vineyard Estates

    Celebrating Success: Our Journey of Winning Wine Awards in Decanter, WineGB and IWC

    In the world of fine wines, recognition and accolades hold immense value. They signify the exceptional craftsmanship, dedication and passion that winemakers pour into each...

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  • Bluebells - Bluebell Vineyard Estates


    As springtime emerges, the vibrant hues of wildflowers begin to take over the countryside. Among the most iconic of these seasonal blooms are bluebells, which...

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  • End of Pruning - Bluebell Vineyard Estates

    End of Pruning

      After a long 4 and a half months, pruning has finally come to an end here at Bluebell Vineyard. We began pruning work back in...

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